• Wonder Enzymes Buy 1 Free 1

    Wonder Enzymes Buy 1 Free 1

Wonder Enzymes Buy 1 Free 1

Retail Price: S$31.60 (-50%)
Online Price: S$15.80

Enzymes are a kind of protein that is smaller than cells. It is essential for metabolism, growth, breakdown and digestion of cells. 

Lo Hong Ka’s Wonder Enzymes Fibre Plus is delicious and effectively accomplishes internal cleaning of the body. Apart from this,L-Carnitine in the product is an amino acid which converts fat into energy and is an essential co-factor for our metabolism. It effectively reduces fat and body weight naturally and safely! 

Wonder Enzymes Fibre Plus can effectively:

  • helps to break down fat and eliminate harmful agents from your body
  • aids in cellular breakdown and effectively improves digestion
  • helps to break down starch from food consumed
  • activates cells and promotes metabolism


1. This promotion starts from 1st March - 31st May 2018
2. This promotion IS NOT entitled for LO HONG KA member’s discount. 
3. This promotion is applicable in conjunction with LHK outlet at Takashimaya,office and LHK eStore.
4. This promotion IS NOT applicable in conjunction with LO HONG KA any others discount.
5. LO HONG KA PTE LTD reserves the right to make any changes without prior notice.