• Gold Bird Nest Buy 2btls Less 30%

    Gold Bird Nest Buy 2btls Less 30%

Gold Bird Nest Buy 2btls Less 30%

Retail Price: S$170.00 (-30%)
Online Price: S$119.00

Lo Hong Ka Gold Bird’s Nest is high in protein and mineral content to build a stronger immune system, reinforces energy and stamina while promoting beautiful and youthful skin as it regenerates the production of collagen in our body.

Lo Hong Ka Gold Bird's Nest is individually bottled and packaged, combine with rock sugar and no artificial colorings and preservatives, so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere! Bird's Nest must be refrigerated and consumed within a week from opening date.

All Natural Food, No Additives, No Preservatives, No Bleach, No Coloring. Suitable for all ages. 


1. This promotion starts from 1st March - 31st May 2018
2. This promotion IS NOT entitled for LO HONG KA member’s discount. 
3. This promotion is applicable in conjunction with LHK outlet at Takashimaya,office and LHK eStore.
4. This promotion IS NOT applicable in conjunction with LO HONG KA any others discount.
5. LO HONG KA PTE LTD reserves the right to make any changes without prior notice.