• Parsi Yen Drink 150ml

    Parsi Yen Drink 150ml

Parsi Yen Drink 150ml

Retail Price: S$28.00 (-30%)
Online Price: S$19.60

Lo Hong Ka Parsi Yen, a combination of specialize techniques using innovative technoogy and superior grade Parsi Bird's Nest. It exceptionally high protein and mineral content, fortifying the immune system, reinforcing energy and stamina, resilience to illnesses, effective in relieving cough and phlegm and invigorating the lungs, kidneys, spleen and stomach. Lo Hong Ka Parsi Yen is individually bottled and packaged, combine with rock sugar and no artificial colorings and perservatives.

All Natural Food, No Additives, No Preservatives, No Bleach, No Coloring. Suitable for all ages.

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