• Prunes Essence (6 bottles)

    Prunes Essence (6 bottles)

Prunes Essence (6 bottles)

Online Price: S$16.05

Lo Hong Ka’s Prune Essence has been introduced to provide a convenient and healthy tonic for modern people with hectic lives.

Prune Essence contains superior quality prune concentrate with prebiotic like Oligofructose and Inulin. Not only does it maintain the sweet aroma, delicious taste & smooth texture of prunes, it also help to relieve bowel problems. 


  • Fast constipation relief
  • Anti aging and antioxidant

Recommended for consumption after meals and between rest periods. Infants and young children are advised to consume only diluted Prune Essence and never 100% Pure Prune Essence. Adults may consume dependant on personal preference.